Leader of the "Survivors"


an old naval midshipman


Known as “Martek the Just” among his followers, Martek and his survivors that were trapped by a Yu’vath fortress power field, established base on a nameless moon. Commanded by Martek, the settlement reached several thousand men and women in a vast shanty town. He believes that everyone in the settlement is equal—beneath him of course. Martek had observed the surface of the Yu’vath Fortress for years and watched how its energy matrix binds the detritus of the system together. His attempts to land on the fortress and break the matrix, however, have all ended in failure as he lacks the power to get past its defences. Martek speculated that to end the influence of the Fortress,
its power matrix (relayed through its crystal towers) must be destroyed. He has even determined a particular crystal tower that seems larger and more energetic than the rest,
and thought that if that particular tower was destroyed, the force that keeps ships from leaving will be disrupted. He even had a weapon capable of pulling it off, the warhead from a vortex torpedo scavenged from the wreckage of a ship. However, he has no way of breaking through the Void Wasp blockade that surrounds the planet to plant the torpedo, until the arrival of the explorers. Martek accompanied the explorers to the surface but did not live to see his plan succeed.


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