The Emperor's Horn

Popsicle Delivery

The Emperor’s Horn pulled out of The Dagger of Fate’s turret range. The head officers of the ship gathered around Captain Grinalt’s bed in sickbay and decided it would be best to meet with Cobolt at Grace Prime, then head back to Footfall and deliver the cryogenic container to Lady Chorda.

The ship weathered the warp well, only falling into one little temporal anomaly just that one time. Luckily the crew was able to reenter the warp easily and make to Footfall, only adding a few months’ time to their journey.

Lady Chorda was glad to see the cargo she requested come into her possession, and a title for the Grace system was drawn up in Captain Grinalt’s name. Despite their curiosity over just who the popsicle was, the head officers of the Emperor’s Horn left the halls of Chorda with a satisfied business partner and hope of more lucrative propositions in the future.

After some shopping and resupplying, the crew worked on some plans for Grace Prime. It was decided that there was no point in trying to return the hellhole to its former pleasure-planet glory; instead, it would be more profitable as an industrial planet. Supply routes were set up to bring food, water, and building supplies to the planet. More distilleries would be built and a new colony would be founded in the name of the Grinalt Dynasty.

Fortunately, buyers for the gin were secured as well. Unfortantely, they were already buying it: the narchotraders had just received a shipment of Grace Gin, courtesy of Manchenko. The captain of The High Risk Venture would prove to be a thorn in the side of the Emperor’s Horn yet again.

With supply lines set and the goal of setting Manchenko straight, the Emperor’s Horn left Footfall and returned to the Grace system without any warp distractions. A scan revealed that The Dagger of Fate was relaying with a servitor on Grace Prime to change its orbit. Alarmed at this, Captain Grinalt ordered silent running and approached the station to get a good reading of just how many Orcs had infested it. With the station too valuable to blow apart, the crew of the Emperor’s Horn readied for a possible boarding and purging of The Dagger of Fate.

Fate Served Cold

While the horde of the Orks aboard the Dagger of Fate were occupied attacking the Emperor’s Horn, our heroes boarded their trusty guncutter and found (guided by the skilful logic of Thanin) the optimal place to board the station and get to the long sought prize. Once inside the Achaemenid Mark III Voidfarer station, the crew found a service console. After Datcher bypassed the security Thanin was able to patch into the pic-monitors and seal the pressure doors, keeping more Orks from being able to get into the section. The lighter bay was quickly located, but the search for the actual container was interrupted when six Orks, one even sporting a Rokkit Launcha entered the bay, excited at the prospect of being able to slaughter some humies. Datcher tried to take out the attackers with a frag grenade. The resulting explosions was more powerful than anyone anticipated and while it did not take out the Orks, it breached the hull, causing the bay to quickly depressurize.
The heroes now had to work quickly and dispense with the Orks before suffocating. Lead by Vorgen’s usual superior marksmanship, the resilient Orks were dispensed one at a time. The rokkit launcha proved to be as inaccurate as the are rumored to be, but still resulted in satisfying orky explosions for its firer. While a few of the guards from the Horn perished, the scariest moment for the crew was when a furious assault by an Ork with a big choppa cut open the abdomen of Lord-Captain Grinalt! Quick action by Thanin was able to stem the blood loss and save the Captain’s life!
The last ork was put down just in time for the crew to be able to don their void suit they had the foresight to bring along. Datcher was then able to identify the proper container, which Thanin found to be an active Cryo-vault containing a still living person who has been sealed inside for at least 60 years. Leaving the lighter bay, the crew found the pressure doors still holding and were able to safely transfer the vault to the Horn, disengage from the Dagger of Fate and head off to rendezvous with Captain Colbolt.

Ork Scuttling with a Side of Warp-flavored Doom

Attempts to be sneaky around the Orkish raider were less than successful, and The Emperor’s Horn once again found itself in a skirmish. Tensions were initially high, but some outlandishly well-placed hits from Vorgen soon made it clear that the Horn would gain the upper hand. Crippling strikes were laid upon the raider’s systems, eventually turning the opposing vessel into a drifting box of agony and suffocating death (or, in Datcher’s eyes, a giant piggy bank to tow back to the collection).

Following the battle, the team hailed Cobolt, whose crew had had time to comb the remnants of the Toothkicker. She reported evidence that the now-depressurized Captain Bolger had been under the employ of the Tutors, who operate out of the Red Schola on Footfall. Ruthless slavers who are known to “customize” their captures for buyers’ various purposes, the Tutors no doubt had intentions for the people of Grace Prime and would surely take word of their failure jovially.

Cobolt also noted that the Toothkicker had detected the presence of another ship; one that the Horn had discovered as well. A decision to seek out this vessel led to the boarding of the Widening Gyre, a former transport and hydroponics ship of Lady Chorda’s fleet. The crew had a gnawing wariness as they explored its halls. Perhaps it was the eerie silence occasionally broken by sounds of etheral footsteps or laughter. Perhaps it was the detection of vile warp energy slowly leaking from a damaged warp core. Or probably it was the remains of the crew flopped about the decks after what appeared to be a mass festival of self-inflicted target practice. The troubling environment seemed to have a vague effect on both Vorgen and Captain Grinalt, the former clearly expressing a desire to destroy the warp core while the latter suggested not to. The pros and cons were weighed, with Thanin in a surprisingly non-eager mood to experiment with unknown energies, and it was ultimately decided to leave the ship be for now and merely abscond with its map showing the Dagger of Fate’s emergency orbit.

The map turned out to be just the thing for finding the space station, but it was soon discovered Orks had already found it long ago. A plan was hatched to attack the station’s guns with the Horn, providing a distraction for a crew on a gun cutter to slip in and find Chorda’s precious container. And hopefully they wouldn’t blow the station to smithereens with those brave crewmembers still on board…

Battle for Grace Prime

After reaching their ship, the elite bridge crew of The Emperor’s Horn quickly assumed battle stations. While they had been occupied on Grace Prime, Captain Helgred Bolger of the Toothkicker was fast approaching the planet. Determined not to let someone from the vile Black Brotherhood plunder the treasure before he could even claim it, Captain Grinalt requested, then demanded, and finally threatened the Toothkicker to leave the system at once. All went unheeded. Captain Bolger was bound and determined to abduct and sell the poor wretches of Grace Prime, and even staring down the torpedo tube of The Emperor’s Horn didn’t seem to phase him.

Now the two ships were joined in battle. Vorgen on fire control, Datcher running sensors, Thanin at the helm, Sarvus inspiring from the captain’s chair. The mighty behemoths traded blows, but despite the Toothkicker using a blasphemous xeno ghost field to confound their sensors, The Emperor’s Horn was victorious. A bit too victorious, as instead of surrending his vessel, Bolger and his entire crew were killed as the Toothkicker lost all life-support and the hard vacuum of the void claimed all aboard, and also doomed the ship to a space hulk. Sarvus had Captain Cobolt of the Penance of Iocanthos send engineers over to the Toothkicker to assess the damage.

The battle over, the crew turned their attention to the original task. Steering a course for the space station Dagger of Fate, they came upon empty space. Vorgen, with his newly awakened psychic powers, cast his mind into the future in an attempt to glean some clue to the space station’s whereabouts. His mind filled with ominous images of cold, Orks, and [missing footage].

Poring over the star system scans, the crew decided to investigate the Teardrop, a gas giant in orbit of the system star. Upon a stealthy arrival, a local scan revealed another ship in orbit around the Teardrop, Orkish raider in design, and seemingly unaware of the arrival of the Horn. The adventure continues…

Getting out of Grace

After Vorgen blew the brains out of Director Giallo, guards loyal to the director fled the estate, leaving Lady Fulci, Adalbrechta Edelheven-Machenko, and the crew from the Emperor’s Horn in the mansion. Fulci warned everyone that people still loyal to the director had taken up positions around the building.

Upon learning of the director’s demise, Machenko begame upset, revealing she had been sent to start a trade route of Grace’s famous gin flowing to Footfall. The Grinalt crew assured her that that’d be taken care of later, since they would soon own Grace. Datcher and Thanin ran to the director’s office to scan what was left of the director and find out whatever information they could about the goings-on of Grace and the space station. Nothing turned up on the space station, but Datcher was able to find records from the distillery which included some ominous figures of undisclosed goods going back years that the director was tabulating.

Thanin ran an aerial scan of the area using his servo-skull, and found groups of people in the distillery and the temple. Each location also had a large heavy bolter mount that appeared to be in the middle of being set up, pointed at the landing pad where their cutter was parked. The crew also hailed Captain Colbalt, who warned them that a ship was approaching Grace and would likely be there in an hour. The crew assumed this was the Toothkicker, Helgred Bolger’s ship, closing in.

The group then devised a plan. They would sneak into the distillery next to the manor. Datcher (the stealthiest) made his way to the distillery and signaled for the distraction: Tom Servo dropped a Molotov cocktail at the other end of the mansion, starting a fire. The rest of the crew sneaked to the distillery building while Datcher took a position inside the storehouse area.

Lady Fulci was spotted before making it to the distillery, and all stealth was abandoned. Vorgen busted down the door and started killing indiscriminately. Machenko covered Lady Fulici, taking out a sniper on the second story. Thanin and Sarvus joined the firefight while Datcher hid among some crates, hoping for an opening to make a break for the second floor.

The hooligans were no match for the elite head officers of The Emperor’s Horn. Blood pooled on the floor of the storehouse as Datcher and Thanin ran up to the second story, dispatching the remaining sniper and readying the heavy bolter. Meanwhile, Vorgen and Sarvus found a vehicle. Sarvus and Thanin switched places. Sarvus and Datcher provided cover as Thanin plugged into the truck and drove everyone else to the guncutter.

Surprisingly, everything was quiet, and no resistance was met and no shots were fired. Vorgen got the guncutter hovering, picked up Sarvus and Datcher, and high-tailed it out of orbit to ready themselves for the approaching Toothkicker.

Chorda Encounter

The adventure began in Footfall where the Explorer’s ship was docked, when a man named Cromwell approached the Explorers requesting an audience. Cromwell requested the Explorers to join his mistress at Chorda Manor for a ”an urgent matter of great profit”. He refused to go into detail.
The explorers agreed, they were shown to the Chorda Manor, a majestic palace overlooking Footfall’s Longshore. Inside, Cromwell lead them through corridors guarded by Chorda’s mind-wiped servitor slaves and guards. When seated to the grand ballroom, the servitors proceed to serve them fine amasec. Finally, Chorda herself appeared.
Lady Chorda told them of her colony on Grace that had been cut off by warp storms. Others were moving in to exploit her holding. She stuck a bargain with the explorers to bring her back a cargo container currently located on the space station, the Dagger of Fate .
Chorda provided the Explorers with a warp route to Grace along with decades-old maps of the colony and the system. Also included was a map of the Dagger of Fate, with a location of Chorda’s cargo marked on it. Upon completion of their task, she will provide them a writ of
claim for Grace, along with a permission to recolonize it.
As the Emperor’s Horn readied to leave they learned that Helgred Bolger and his ship The Toothkicker were also headed for Grace.
The explorers encountered trouble along the way and their distress call was answered by Adalbrechta Edelheven-Machenko , yet another party interested in Grace.
The Explorers landed on grace and were met byDirector Giallo, the Port’s self-proclaimed leader, dressed in elaborate robes and flanked by a dozen armsmen. Giallo will fell on his knees, bellowing the praises of the Explorers and welcomed them with open arms as saviours of Port Chorda, insisted that he organize a feast in their honor. Giallo was followed by Lady Fulci, a stark-looking woman apparently in her forties. She did not speak unless spoken to, admitted to running the ”day-to-day affairs of the colony”.
At the feast the explorers were able to try the one manufactured resource of the colony, Grace Gyn.Vorgen was the only member not intoxicated by its effects and was approached by Lady Fulci who wanted him to assassinate the director and get her off the planet. Vorgen obliged, killing the Director.

March and April Sessions

These months followed the events from the “Into the Maw” story arc. After facing off against malign influence of the Psycharus Worm, the Explorers found themselves in possession of both the Righteous Path and the fell Halo Device that led to its demise. Unfortunately for them, their actions had more far reaching consequences than they could imagine, and in defeating the thralls of the Worm, they had stirred up dark forces and ancient alien powers. In this adventure, the Explorers learned of the true power of the Worm and caught a terrifying glimpse into the legacy of its creators. Their vessel and crew were subverted by the power of a terrible xenos race known as the Yu’vath—an evil thought by most to have been long since extinguished from the galaxy—and they were drawn into an ancient trap from which they had to find a way to escape or become lost forever.
The Emperor’s Horm found itself locked in the grip of an ancient Yu’vath fortress, but they were not the only ones, there were other groups of survivors that met the same fate. The largest was a motley band of void-farers, ex-Imperials, and mutants led by an old naval midshipman named Martek the Just. Martek and his survivors had established base on the system’s only true planetary body: the nameless moon. The other settlement, known as the Brotherhood, was much smaller and led by a cleric named Palar. Marooned pilgrims, they had taken up residence in a space hulk within the debris ring and saw their time there as a test by the Emperor himself.
Another important person encountered was Lynara Cobolt, a pious free captain and commander of the Penance of Iocanthos—an armed transport ship.
With the help of Martek and Cobolt, the group was able to get past the Yu’vath Void Wasps, Shardspiders and diminished Bone Warden, set an explosive to destroy the power source locking them in orbit and get clear. Martek was killed in the battle while Cobolt and her ship joined the Grinalt dynasty and is now travelling with the Horn.

February Adventures

February saw the end of our First story arc as the group broke into two teams. Datcher and Thalin went aboard the Righteous Path and encounter a Halo Device known as The Psycharus Worm and battled the several Warp Puppets- dead crew of the Righteous Path, animated by the worm! Unbenounced to the rest of the crew, Thalin would bring the inert device aboard the Emperor’s Horn.
Sarvus and Vorgen stayed aboard the Horn and had their first ship battle when they unleashed their torpedoes against Hadarek Fel aboard the Fel Hand and blew the Hand out of existence!

Sessions Two and three

January saw our second and third sessions which was the group’s first time traversing the warp, the first explorations of another planet and the first encounter with Orks! The last one resulted the the Captain becoming heavily damaged, Vorgen and Thanlin getting light damage and Datcher nary a scratch. This was also the second time the group encountered the mysterious Lady Ash. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

First Session
From Nov. 2014

Shortly after the crew of the “Emperor’s Horn” arrived at the Port Wander Imperial Navy Void Station at the opening of the Kronus Passage, they were contacted by Obrest Dray who held an important message for the Lord-Captain. Grinalt and Vorgen went to the Court of the Dead to meet Dray. Datcher sought out trade contacts, while Thanin went to find Ibraham Totimus, a Drusian Adherent very knowledgable about the expanse and always seeking more information to add to his collection.

Orbest Dray was once a member of the crew of a ship belonging to Xanatov Grinalt. The Great Grandfather of Sarvus Grinalt. He told them that in his youth he served as a deck officer aboard the Emperor’s Testament, a vessel commanded by Vos Karlorn and part of the Grinalt fleet. During one terrible expedition they were caught in a violent warp storm and blown far off course. After they came to rest in a strange and uncharted system the ship’s astropath heard a faint message, a cry for salvation from a lost Imperial vessel. At first they believed it was from the rest of the fleet, but they quickly realized it was an old message (an echo in the warp, the astropath called it), hundreds if not thousands of years old. When it was examined they discovered just what they had stumbled onto; an astropathic marker from the fabled treasure ship the Righteous Path.

Karlorn, as a loyal member of the dynasty, chose not to pursue the treasure ship there and then, and so returned to Port Wander. Months passed and there was no sign of the Xanatov, so Karlron vowed to return to the Expanse and find him. Not willing to risk the map in the Expanse, Karlorn entrusted it to Dray before he departed, to keep safe until he returned with the Rogue Trader. Karlorn never returned.
Since that time, over 100 years ago, he has been waiting for one of the dynasty to return so that he can pass on his message and the map that was so long ago entrusted to him.
Dray presented Savrius with a stasis casket, which opened to reveal a astropathic mnemolith, which looked like a smooth black rock. As soon as it was removed a raven appeared a took the rock, dropping it a distance away. At the same time, Savrius and Vorgen were attacked by armed men. After a firefight in which one of the armsmen was killed An Adeptus Arbites Patrol arrived lead by Arbitrator-Sergeant Targos. Targos requested Savrius accompany him to the Precinct complex, Savrius declined.

The mnemolith contained an image of the location of Righteous Path, but not how to get there. Thanlin lead the group to the astroid-manse of Ibraham Totimus after meeting Ibraham in his manse filled with dataslates, rare tomes, and strange materials brought back to the Imperium by Rogue Traders. The group stuck a bargain with him and received star charts to find their way.
Returning to the void station the group has a very cordial encounter with Hadarak Fel who reveals he was behind the earlier attack which was only meant to delay the group, but not why. He claims to also know the location of the Righteous Path and challenges to Emperor’s Horn to a race for the ship. Fel then set off to prepare to leave.


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