The Emperor's Horn

February Adventures

February saw the end of our First story arc as the group broke into two teams. Datcher and Thalin went aboard the Righteous Path and encounter a Halo Device known as The Psycharus Worm and battled the several Warp Puppets- dead crew of the Righteous Path, animated by the worm! Unbenounced to the rest of the crew, Thalin would bring the inert device aboard the Emperor’s Horn.
Sarvus and Vorgen stayed aboard the Horn and had their first ship battle when they unleashed their torpedoes against Hadarek Fel aboard the Fel Hand and blew the Hand out of existence!

Sessions Two and three

January saw our second and third sessions which was the group’s first time traversing the warp, the first explorations of another planet and the first encounter with Orks! The last one resulted the the Captain becoming heavily damaged, Vorgen and Thanlin getting light damage and Datcher nary a scratch. This was also the second time the group encountered the mysterious Lady Ash. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

First Session
From Nov. 2014

Shortly after the crew of the “Emperor’s Horn” arrived at the Port Wander Imperial Navy Void Station at the opening of the Kronus Passage, they were contacted by Obrest Dray who held an important message for the Lord-Captain. Grinalt and Vorgen went to the Court of the Dead to meet Dray. Datcher sought out trade contacts, while Thanin went to find Ibraham Totimus, a Drusian Adherent very knowledgable about the expanse and always seeking more information to add to his collection.

Orbest Dray was once a member of the crew of a ship belonging to Xanatov Grinalt. The Great Grandfather of Sarvus Grinalt. He told them that in his youth he served as a deck officer aboard the Emperor’s Testament, a vessel commanded by Vos Karlorn and part of the Grinalt fleet. During one terrible expedition they were caught in a violent warp storm and blown far off course. After they came to rest in a strange and uncharted system the ship’s astropath heard a faint message, a cry for salvation from a lost Imperial vessel. At first they believed it was from the rest of the fleet, but they quickly realized it was an old message (an echo in the warp, the astropath called it), hundreds if not thousands of years old. When it was examined they discovered just what they had stumbled onto; an astropathic marker from the fabled treasure ship the Righteous Path.

Karlorn, as a loyal member of the dynasty, chose not to pursue the treasure ship there and then, and so returned to Port Wander. Months passed and there was no sign of the Xanatov, so Karlron vowed to return to the Expanse and find him. Not willing to risk the map in the Expanse, Karlorn entrusted it to Dray before he departed, to keep safe until he returned with the Rogue Trader. Karlorn never returned.
Since that time, over 100 years ago, he has been waiting for one of the dynasty to return so that he can pass on his message and the map that was so long ago entrusted to him.
Dray presented Savrius with a stasis casket, which opened to reveal a astropathic mnemolith, which looked like a smooth black rock. As soon as it was removed a raven appeared a took the rock, dropping it a distance away. At the same time, Savrius and Vorgen were attacked by armed men. After a firefight in which one of the armsmen was killed An Adeptus Arbites Patrol arrived lead by Arbitrator-Sergeant Targos. Targos requested Savrius accompany him to the Precinct complex, Savrius declined.

The mnemolith contained an image of the location of Righteous Path, but not how to get there. Thanlin lead the group to the astroid-manse of Ibraham Totimus after meeting Ibraham in his manse filled with dataslates, rare tomes, and strange materials brought back to the Imperium by Rogue Traders. The group stuck a bargain with him and received star charts to find their way.
Returning to the void station the group has a very cordial encounter with Hadarak Fel who reveals he was behind the earlier attack which was only meant to delay the group, but not why. He claims to also know the location of the Righteous Path and challenges to Emperor’s Horn to a race for the ship. Fel then set off to prepare to leave.

Grinalt Warrant Timeline

Our Story Thus Far:

014.M36 (or 33 thousand years after 2014 of the Gregorian Calendar): The Administratum coginator rattles and clicks as it processes and cycles through ancient and infinitely complex mathematical formulas and equations that no living administratum official could begin to any longer comprehend. The computations determine that projected needs require a Rogue Trader warrant be issued in the Ixaniad sector. The slow gears of Imperial government start to turn to produce what will become the Grinalt Dynasty Warrant……364 years later.

378.M36: A new Rogue Trader dynasty is christened when Narib Grinalt is given a warrant of trade shortly before the close of what would be known as the Reign of Blood. Most Warrants issued during this period are rescinded because of the bearers close ties with the deposed High Lord Vandire. Because the Grinalt warrant was seen as coming from the machine spirit starting long before the birth of Vandire, Narib is allowed to retain his warrant. Because of his warrant’s ties to the Reign of Blood, the Grinalt Dynasty does not like to discuss the history of the warrant and Narib spent his life proving his loyalty and worthiness to bear such an honor.

211.M41: The strong financial standing of the Grinalt Dynasty(now based in the Calixis Sector on the planet Scintilla) is shaken when the planets of the Merates Cluster secede and raid the surrounding areas destroying a good portion of the Grinalt trade lines. The dynasty becomes a major part of the conflict when it is part of the force mustered by the Sector governor to aid the Battlefleet Koronus in what would become the 11 year Meritech War. The fortunes of the Grinalt dynasty have never fully recovered.

314.M41: When the threat of rebellion starts appearing again in areas where there are Grinalt holdings, dynasty head Reylas Grinalt negotiates a mysterious and never fully disclosed deal with a battlefleet admiral (known not to be a fan of newer STC starships) to obtain the Falchion-Class frigate The Emperor’s Horn.

781.M41: Grinalt Heir Apparent Savrus Grinalt is born on Scintilla and is raised in the very best fashion one would expect for someone of his position. Growing up, Savrus was fascinated by an archeotech laspistol that his father kept locked in a display case in his office as a status symbol and conversation piece. It had belonged to Savrus’ Great Grandfather, the adventurer Xanatov Grinalt. He would dream of being able to follow in his footsteps and find what other ancient secrets were waiting to be discovered. Both his grandfather and father had not followed Xanatov’s example and were more glorified merchant princes than true Rogue Traders as they tried to shore up the now struggling dynasty though they still retain strong ties with the major merchant houses of the sector..

815.M41: Upon the death of his father, the 5000 year old Grinalt Warrant passes to Savrus. Determined to restore the prestige of the dynasty in his own way, Savrus places the business end in the hands of the factors of the Harrogate house, removes the laspistol from the display case and sets off in the Emperor’s Horn. Savrus encounters the space anomaly known as a rogue planet in the Drusus Marches. While surveying the planet he discovers Vorgen Fayd who has amazingly survived on this places after becoming stranded here. Impressed by him, and recalling stories of the legendary gunners of the Fayd clan, Savrus makes him his Master of Ordnance. Finding nothing else of note, the Emperor’s Horn, heads off to find what lies in the Koronus Expanse.

I want to work in that the Harrogate Factor House as been retained by the Grinalt Dynasty for many years. When learning that the Rogue Trader was heading off into the expanse, Datcher gets himself appointed High Factotum to get away himself.

Also, I wanted to work in that Thanin Graves was born aboard a ship of the Dynasty (the horn maybe), but I’m not sure how that would work with the press gang incident.

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