Orbest Dray

An old servant of the Grinalt dynasty


First appearance is no more than that of another old scrap picker, adorned with tattered clothes and broken trinkets. Orbest Dray was a ship’s officer and a bold and fearless adventurer in his younger days. Now, time has worn away his good nature and he has grown bitter and angry at being left to grow old while his lord and ship mates met glorious ends in the void. He will, however, do his duty to the end, as his loyalty to the dynasty and his oath of obedience is all he has left. Dray is very knowledgeable about the Expanse, having sailed across its dark countless times during his service to the dynasty.


Orbest Dray was once a member of the crew of a ship belonging to Xanatov Grinalt, the great-grandfather of Sarvas Grinalt. In his youth he served as a deck officer aboard the Emperor’s Testament, a vessel belonging to Vos Karlorn and part of Xanatov’s fleet. During one terrible expedition they were caught in a violent warp storm and blown far off course. After they came to rest in a strange and uncharted system the ship’s astropath heard a
faint message, a cry for salvation from a lost Imperial vessel. At first they believed it was from the rest of the fleet, but they quickly realised it was an old message (an echo in the warp, the astropath called it), hundreds if not thousands of years old. When it was examined they discovered just what they had stumbled onto; an astropathic marker from the fabled treasure ship the Righteous Path. Karlorn entrusted the location to Dray before he departed, to keep safe until he returned with the Rogue Trader. Karlorn never returned.
Since that time, over 100 years ago, he has been waiting for one of the dynasty to return so that he can pass on his message and the map that was so long ago entrusted to him.
Orbest is currently opening a trade house for the Dynasty on Port Wander.

Orbest Dray

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