Ibraham Totimus

Self appointed historian of the expanse


His sanity wanes in these late years, and his tractability with it.

He is a holy man born of Archaos and at one time a chronicler for the Rogue Trader Amphian Deed, yet somehow evaded the pyre that was Deed’s recent end. He can be found within a twisting manse on an asteroid near Port Wander. Every alcove of Totimus’s manse holds dataslates, rare tomes, strange materials brought back to the Imperium by Rogue Traders … and a slavering cyber-mastiff, waiting for the command to kill. These things and the web of knowledge connecting them are all that keeps him clinging to his life.

Totimus holds himself in favor of Drusian Adherency. Which is to say that he is of a particularly strident and disowned sub-cult of the Dissident Drusian movement. Those of Archaos are ever difficult and contrary—it is a world renowned not so much for its philosophers as for the sheer foaming breadth of its philosophies, theologies, Ministorum cults, and raging theosophical battles. Archaosians are instinctively against any new concept before they are grudgingly for it, and that is their nature.

Ibraham Totimus

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