Datcher Harrogate

The pragmatic Seneschal of the Emperor's Horn


A slender man of average height, in his mid-30s. Often wears his hear slicked back and sports either a goatee or well-groomed mustache. When not in his xeno-mesh armor, he wears a long black chameleoline trench coat and nice black boots. He’s more about comfort and mobility than anything (his underwear relaxed fit).


Datcher has always been a pragmatist and money has always been his aim. He grew up in a wealthy family who wanted him to take over the family financial brokerage, but as soon as he realized there was much more to be made in the world of trading, he cut ties with his family with the goal of becoming a seneschal.

Datcher worked his way into some trading companies, doing logistics and bookkeeping for them. Eventually he met up with Sarvus Grinalt and, over a steak dinner, Sarvus hired Datcher to be seneschal of the newly reformed Grinalt Dynasty. Datcher has proven himself a capable by-the-book account manager and security officer.

Datcher Harrogate

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