Aspyce Chorda

Captain of the Implacable Flame


She is a pale, thin woman of middle age with a queer, lithesome grace that tends to make others ill at ease. Everything about her, from her rare complexion to her odd, graceful bearing, is proof positive of both her wealth and her love of form and finery. While potentially described as handsome, her beauty is marred by her cold, flat grey eyes and her thin, bloodless lips that seem unsuited to any expression save frowning or sneering. Inevitably, she tends towards clothing that is both highly stylised and highly ornate, whether uniforms or formal gowns. Lavishly decorated with medals, ribbons and religious ornaments, her dress is tailored to convey an unmistakable image of power, piety, and wealth: three things to which the Lord-Captain is deeply attached.


Today, Lord-Captain Aspyce Chorda is one of the wealthier and more influential Rogue Traders operating in the Koronus Expanse. She is a hard and dangerous woman who believes that might makes right, and she will stop at nothing to fulfill her desires for wealth, power and acclaim. Whether standing on the bridge of her cruiser Implacable Flame pouring withering broadsides into a rival’s ship or sitting down to negotiate a profitable trade agreement, she is an intense, driven opponent who brooks no insult and grants no quarter.

Aspyce Chorda

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