The Emperor's Horn

Popsicle Delivery

The Emperor’s Horn pulled out of The Dagger of Fate’s turret range. The head officers of the ship gathered around Captain Grinalt’s bed in sickbay and decided it would be best to meet with Cobolt at Grace Prime, then head back to Footfall and deliver the cryogenic container to Lady Chorda.

The ship weathered the warp well, only falling into one little temporal anomaly just that one time. Luckily the crew was able to reenter the warp easily and make to Footfall, only adding a few months’ time to their journey.

Lady Chorda was glad to see the cargo she requested come into her possession, and a title for the Grace system was drawn up in Captain Grinalt’s name. Despite their curiosity over just who the popsicle was, the head officers of the Emperor’s Horn left the halls of Chorda with a satisfied business partner and hope of more lucrative propositions in the future.

After some shopping and resupplying, the crew worked on some plans for Grace Prime. It was decided that there was no point in trying to return the hellhole to its former pleasure-planet glory; instead, it would be more profitable as an industrial planet. Supply routes were set up to bring food, water, and building supplies to the planet. More distilleries would be built and a new colony would be founded in the name of the Grinalt Dynasty.

Fortunately, buyers for the gin were secured as well. Unfortantely, they were already buying it: the narchotraders had just received a shipment of Grace Gin, courtesy of Manchenko. The captain of The High Risk Venture would prove to be a thorn in the side of the Emperor’s Horn yet again.

With supply lines set and the goal of setting Manchenko straight, the Emperor’s Horn left Footfall and returned to the Grace system without any warp distractions. A scan revealed that The Dagger of Fate was relaying with a servitor on Grace Prime to change its orbit. Alarmed at this, Captain Grinalt ordered silent running and approached the station to get a good reading of just how many Orcs had infested it. With the station too valuable to blow apart, the crew of the Emperor’s Horn readied for a possible boarding and purging of The Dagger of Fate.



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