The Emperor's Horn

March and April Sessions

These months followed the events from the “Into the Maw” story arc. After facing off against malign influence of the Psycharus Worm, the Explorers found themselves in possession of both the Righteous Path and the fell Halo Device that led to its demise. Unfortunately for them, their actions had more far reaching consequences than they could imagine, and in defeating the thralls of the Worm, they had stirred up dark forces and ancient alien powers. In this adventure, the Explorers learned of the true power of the Worm and caught a terrifying glimpse into the legacy of its creators. Their vessel and crew were subverted by the power of a terrible xenos race known as the Yu’vath—an evil thought by most to have been long since extinguished from the galaxy—and they were drawn into an ancient trap from which they had to find a way to escape or become lost forever.
The Emperor’s Horm found itself locked in the grip of an ancient Yu’vath fortress, but they were not the only ones, there were other groups of survivors that met the same fate. The largest was a motley band of void-farers, ex-Imperials, and mutants led by an old naval midshipman named Martek the Just. Martek and his survivors had established base on the system’s only true planetary body: the nameless moon. The other settlement, known as the Brotherhood, was much smaller and led by a cleric named Palar. Marooned pilgrims, they had taken up residence in a space hulk within the debris ring and saw their time there as a test by the Emperor himself.
Another important person encountered was Lynara Cobolt, a pious free captain and commander of the Penance of Iocanthos—an armed transport ship.
With the help of Martek and Cobolt, the group was able to get past the Yu’vath Void Wasps, Shardspiders and diminished Bone Warden, set an explosive to destroy the power source locking them in orbit and get clear. Martek was killed in the battle while Cobolt and her ship joined the Grinalt dynasty and is now travelling with the Horn.



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