The Emperor's Horn

Getting out of Grace

After Vorgen blew the brains out of Director Giallo, guards loyal to the director fled the estate, leaving Lady Fulci, Adalbrechta Edelheven-Machenko, and the crew from the Emperor’s Horn in the mansion. Fulci warned everyone that people still loyal to the director had taken up positions around the building.

Upon learning of the director’s demise, Machenko begame upset, revealing she had been sent to start a trade route of Grace’s famous gin flowing to Footfall. The Grinalt crew assured her that that’d be taken care of later, since they would soon own Grace. Datcher and Thanin ran to the director’s office to scan what was left of the director and find out whatever information they could about the goings-on of Grace and the space station. Nothing turned up on the space station, but Datcher was able to find records from the distillery which included some ominous figures of undisclosed goods going back years that the director was tabulating.

Thanin ran an aerial scan of the area using his servo-skull, and found groups of people in the distillery and the temple. Each location also had a large heavy bolter mount that appeared to be in the middle of being set up, pointed at the landing pad where their cutter was parked. The crew also hailed Captain Colbalt, who warned them that a ship was approaching Grace and would likely be there in an hour. The crew assumed this was the Toothkicker, Helgred Bolger’s ship, closing in.

The group then devised a plan. They would sneak into the distillery next to the manor. Datcher (the stealthiest) made his way to the distillery and signaled for the distraction: Tom Servo dropped a Molotov cocktail at the other end of the mansion, starting a fire. The rest of the crew sneaked to the distillery building while Datcher took a position inside the storehouse area.

Lady Fulci was spotted before making it to the distillery, and all stealth was abandoned. Vorgen busted down the door and started killing indiscriminately. Machenko covered Lady Fulici, taking out a sniper on the second story. Thanin and Sarvus joined the firefight while Datcher hid among some crates, hoping for an opening to make a break for the second floor.

The hooligans were no match for the elite head officers of The Emperor’s Horn. Blood pooled on the floor of the storehouse as Datcher and Thanin ran up to the second story, dispatching the remaining sniper and readying the heavy bolter. Meanwhile, Vorgen and Sarvus found a vehicle. Sarvus and Thanin switched places. Sarvus and Datcher provided cover as Thanin plugged into the truck and drove everyone else to the guncutter.

Surprisingly, everything was quiet, and no resistance was met and no shots were fired. Vorgen got the guncutter hovering, picked up Sarvus and Datcher, and high-tailed it out of orbit to ready themselves for the approaching Toothkicker.


Nicely detailed

Getting out of Grace

Man this Vorgen guy is awesome.

Getting out of Grace

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