The Emperor's Horn

Fate Served Cold

While the horde of the Orks aboard the Dagger of Fate were occupied attacking the Emperor’s Horn, our heroes boarded their trusty guncutter and found (guided by the skilful logic of Thanin) the optimal place to board the station and get to the long sought prize. Once inside the Achaemenid Mark III Voidfarer station, the crew found a service console. After Datcher bypassed the security Thanin was able to patch into the pic-monitors and seal the pressure doors, keeping more Orks from being able to get into the section. The lighter bay was quickly located, but the search for the actual container was interrupted when six Orks, one even sporting a Rokkit Launcha entered the bay, excited at the prospect of being able to slaughter some humies. Datcher tried to take out the attackers with a frag grenade. The resulting explosions was more powerful than anyone anticipated and while it did not take out the Orks, it breached the hull, causing the bay to quickly depressurize.
The heroes now had to work quickly and dispense with the Orks before suffocating. Lead by Vorgen’s usual superior marksmanship, the resilient Orks were dispensed one at a time. The rokkit launcha proved to be as inaccurate as the are rumored to be, but still resulted in satisfying orky explosions for its firer. While a few of the guards from the Horn perished, the scariest moment for the crew was when a furious assault by an Ork with a big choppa cut open the abdomen of Lord-Captain Grinalt! Quick action by Thanin was able to stem the blood loss and save the Captain’s life!
The last ork was put down just in time for the crew to be able to don their void suit they had the foresight to bring along. Datcher was then able to identify the proper container, which Thanin found to be an active Cryo-vault containing a still living person who has been sealed inside for at least 60 years. Leaving the lighter bay, the crew found the pressure doors still holding and were able to safely transfer the vault to the Horn, disengage from the Dagger of Fate and head off to rendezvous with Captain Colbolt.



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