The Emperor's Horn

Chorda Encounter

The adventure began in Footfall where the Explorer’s ship was docked, when a man named Cromwell approached the Explorers requesting an audience. Cromwell requested the Explorers to join his mistress at Chorda Manor for a ”an urgent matter of great profit”. He refused to go into detail.
The explorers agreed, they were shown to the Chorda Manor, a majestic palace overlooking Footfall’s Longshore. Inside, Cromwell lead them through corridors guarded by Chorda’s mind-wiped servitor slaves and guards. When seated to the grand ballroom, the servitors proceed to serve them fine amasec. Finally, Chorda herself appeared.
Lady Chorda told them of her colony on Grace that had been cut off by warp storms. Others were moving in to exploit her holding. She stuck a bargain with the explorers to bring her back a cargo container currently located on the space station, the Dagger of Fate .
Chorda provided the Explorers with a warp route to Grace along with decades-old maps of the colony and the system. Also included was a map of the Dagger of Fate, with a location of Chorda’s cargo marked on it. Upon completion of their task, she will provide them a writ of
claim for Grace, along with a permission to recolonize it.
As the Emperor’s Horn readied to leave they learned that Helgred Bolger and his ship The Toothkicker were also headed for Grace.
The explorers encountered trouble along the way and their distress call was answered by Adalbrechta Edelheven-Machenko , yet another party interested in Grace.
The Explorers landed on grace and were met byDirector Giallo, the Port’s self-proclaimed leader, dressed in elaborate robes and flanked by a dozen armsmen. Giallo will fell on his knees, bellowing the praises of the Explorers and welcomed them with open arms as saviours of Port Chorda, insisted that he organize a feast in their honor. Giallo was followed by Lady Fulci, a stark-looking woman apparently in her forties. She did not speak unless spoken to, admitted to running the ”day-to-day affairs of the colony”.
At the feast the explorers were able to try the one manufactured resource of the colony, Grace Gyn.Vorgen was the only member not intoxicated by its effects and was approached by Lady Fulci who wanted him to assassinate the director and get her off the planet. Vorgen obliged, killing the Director.



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