The Emperor's Horn

Battle for Grace Prime

After reaching their ship, the elite bridge crew of The Emperor’s Horn quickly assumed battle stations. While they had been occupied on Grace Prime, Captain Helgred Bolger of the Toothkicker was fast approaching the planet. Determined not to let someone from the vile Black Brotherhood plunder the treasure before he could even claim it, Captain Grinalt requested, then demanded, and finally threatened the Toothkicker to leave the system at once. All went unheeded. Captain Bolger was bound and determined to abduct and sell the poor wretches of Grace Prime, and even staring down the torpedo tube of The Emperor’s Horn didn’t seem to phase him.

Now the two ships were joined in battle. Vorgen on fire control, Datcher running sensors, Thanin at the helm, Sarvus inspiring from the captain’s chair. The mighty behemoths traded blows, but despite the Toothkicker using a blasphemous xeno ghost field to confound their sensors, The Emperor’s Horn was victorious. A bit too victorious, as instead of surrending his vessel, Bolger and his entire crew were killed as the Toothkicker lost all life-support and the hard vacuum of the void claimed all aboard, and also doomed the ship to a space hulk. Sarvus had Captain Cobolt of the Penance of Iocanthos send engineers over to the Toothkicker to assess the damage.

The battle over, the crew turned their attention to the original task. Steering a course for the space station Dagger of Fate, they came upon empty space. Vorgen, with his newly awakened psychic powers, cast his mind into the future in an attempt to glean some clue to the space station’s whereabouts. His mind filled with ominous images of cold, Orks, and [missing footage].

Poring over the star system scans, the crew decided to investigate the Teardrop, a gas giant in orbit of the system star. Upon a stealthy arrival, a local scan revealed another ship in orbit around the Teardrop, Orkish raider in design, and seemingly unaware of the arrival of the Horn. The adventure continues…



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